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Manual - How do I use cannabis oil with THC?

Medicinal weed oil

Start with one drop under the tongue. Try not to swallow it, but if it does happen, it is not a problem. Usually the mouth will absorb the drop within a few minutes. Then daily increase the dose with one drop, until you achieve the right effect. For a successful approach to healing cancer you should go for the maximum dose of cannabis oil with THC, for other conditions often a lesser dose will be sufficient.

You can’t take an overdose of cannabis oil, so you can experiment yourself with what dose works best for you. If you reach your limit with the THC, at most you will feel some tingling in your hands and feet, dry mouth and / or experience a warm feeling. That's the beginning of getting high.

At this point you can stop increasing the dose. These side effects usually disappear quickly, and the body will adjust within 1-2 weeks. You can also take THC oil as a suppository, for example, mixed with stearin or cocoa butter. The high will usually be experienced less this way. You can make the suppositories yourself or order them at some of our cannabis oil producers.

Usually a combination of THC and CBD-oil works best. The dose differs per person. For some one drop per day is sufficient to feel better, others need 20. The speed of success can also vary from person to person. The one already notices a significant improvement after 15 minutes, others only see their first results after two weeks of taking the oil.

If the cannabis oil of one supplier does not help with your complaints, you would be wise to try the oil from one or more other oil makers as well. There are thousands of types of cannabis, all of which have a different composition in terms of cannabinoids and terpenes. In principle, every variant with a lot of THC is suitable for making cannabis oil, but the difference in other active substances that THC has a synergy with can sometimes determine whether a certain oil is successful in the treatment of a disorder or not.

Listen to your body

During the treatment rely on yourself. Your body usually knows very well what it needs. This does not only apply to the ratio and dose of THC / CBD, but also to the rest of your diet. For example you may start desiring something that you usually don’t like. There are cases known of people who suddenly desired fried liver, while normally they wouldn’t eat that. When they examined it later, the liver contained exactly that ingredient that, given their disease, their body probably had a deficiency of. In nature we see the same behavior in animals, who suddenly start eating unusual, sometimes even poisonous plants when they have parasites in their intestines for example.

On the road to recovery the rest of your diet is important too. As the ancient Greek founder of medicine Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Eat as much as possible raw and organic. Fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts can provide your body with plenty of substances that are essential for a succesful recovery. There are people who completely cured cancer, only by changing their diet. The young American Chris Wark is such a person. Do not forget to regularly go out in the sun (not excessively, and preferably without using sunscreen), because sunlight strengthens our immune system too.

Moving and detoxing

Also, moving your body can make a huge difference in the recovery of a disease. Our lymphatic system, which plays a major role in our immune system, can only function well if you move regularly. The lymph fluid, which transports all kinds of waste to our cleansing organs, is not driven by a pump, like our heart pumps the blood stream, but depends on our own effort.

Also a detox of the body can give many good results. Detoxing is a simple process. You can start removing unwanted toxins from your tissues and organs for instance by drinking water with herbs like celery and coriander, doing coffee enemas, or for example eating green apples or beetroot. Also cannabis (oil) itself is a proven detoxing agent. This is not always a fun process though. You can go through a process of an excess of toxins that suddenly have to be processed by the liver and kidneys and feel somewhat weak and feverish. But it's definitely worth it.

A good detoxer that hardly gives any side effects because of its molecular structure that encloses the toxins, and thus keeps them away from the rest of the body, is the mineral zeolite. You can buy that online, for example in powder form or capsules.

To come clean

This "detoxification" is actually a good idea for the rest of your life. Do you have a relationship that sucks all the energy out of you? Do you have a lot of stress? Have you suffered a trauma that you're still carrying with you? Go get to work. Solve it! Every disease has a cause. This may simply be a lack of nutrients or a virus, but often it has a psychological or spiritual cause (not enough love for yourself for example).

Look inside yourself for what it could be. Often, your first hunch is right. Do not let it continue to simmer, do something about it, even though that may require rigorous measures. Initially it can feel like a huge mountain that must be climbed, but afterwards, these are often the things that make us grow, and recover.

The heart of the matter

In conclusion we would like to say this: there are patients, and there are treatments. The ONLY thing that matters is whether a certain treatment helps the patient to recover. It does not matter what governments say. It does not matter what medical authorities say, or so-called experts who are often influenced by parties whose interest is far from the best interests of the patient. You can take into account their opinions in making your decision if you want, but never let them decide for you.

The only important thing is that you get better. It does not matter how, do it YOUR way. Every person is different, every body is different, each DNA is different, so it makes no sense to tar everyone with the same brush (like mainstream oncology unfortunately still proves daily).

For everyone who resonates with this, cannabis oil can provide a wealth of benefits. We wish you the best of luck with this.

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